Yikes! This one is comin’ in hot! Only a couple hours before Halloween, and the month, are over and I only just posted the monthly content a few minutes ago. But hey, deadlines are things for a reason and I don’t plan on missing this one. I’ll drive right on up to the edge though, that’s for sure.

As you can imagine, this month has been busy busy busy.

The month started with the release of Kingmaker Jelly and Other Strange Futures!
You can find it right HERE!!!!


Seriously, it’s super fun and if you know me and actually have enjoyed my company enough to listen to me ramble on about some weird idea I’ve had, and we’re still friends, you’d probably like this book. I’ve got print copies and am wildly pleased with how they turned out. The interior art and branding is great and it makes a fantastic pair with Across the Graven Horizon. I haven’t done much promotional much as it’s October and has been a great time to push my more spooky horror collection, but now that we’re over the Halloween hump, I expect to explode like a jellyfish and start promoting more.

Speaking of Halloween, no annual post in October would be complete without showing off the costume that my daughter Gale and I make together every year. This year the request was “steampunk engineer”. Lo and behold, this is what we accomplished!

Steampunk engineer success! Kid just showed up with a mountain of candy.

Hal-con, our massive Nova Scotia geekery convention, was this weekend and my primary goal was to connect with the local scene of genre fiction writers and boy did I! I met a TON of fantastic new people who will not only keep me in good books for a very long time, but will also likely turn out to become exactly the network of fellow word-smiths I’ve been looking for. I found horror, fantasy, and sci-fi authors! Sometimes all in the same person! It was most excellent and deserves a full posting or synopsis. I may do that, but I’m shit at blogging (I’d rather write you all fiction) and it may take me a while.

My friend Eric has been visiting and we’ve been aggressively hammering at my outline for Witchbough Daughters to see that the fixes and direction I have are ironclad, world-consistent, and actually entertaining as fuck. So far, so good. I feel like I’ve got it in focus and on the right track. Finally! Nothing like a good author friend with a sharp set of story scalpels!

The current month’s contribution to Witchbough Daughters is a long scene, with a multiple sort of flashback structure that makes it like one scene with like two other scenes inside it. As such, the whole thing didn’t drop this month and the rest will come in November. Now that I’m more confident in the shape of the outline and the story direction, the pace of writing is due to increase.

Well, midnight’s approaching so this month’s update is going to be brief. I hope everyone’s having a blessed samhain and has all their nuts in a row cuz, with the spook season behind us, winter is a’comin! Thanks again to all my patrons! You guys are the blade to my guillotine – I wouldn’t be what I am without you!

Halloween is over but you can still get a copy of Across the Graven Horizon, the horror collection. I mean, all year is a good time for terror.

You can also find the super creepy and season appropriate Green Door, Red Door, Mean Door, Dead Door, the illustrated comedy horror book, here…

While there’s nothing particularly spooky about The Stray Halos of Heaven Beyond, the sci-fi novella, it’s still pretty badass and interesting. Find it here…

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