“Hey, Piko, if you see Toenail, take care of him, okay?”

“Why should I do that? He’s your dog.”

She shook her head. “No, Piko. He’s his own dog. But he might need someone to keep an eye on him.”

~ from In the Swan Hunter's Wake


Kingmaker Jelly and Other Strange Futures
A program for creating psychic soldiers goes wrong. An immortal tries to end the tyrrany of his world and geriatric mad scientists scramble to save theirs. Cyber cities fall, space colonies struggle to survive, and humanity explores the stars. Chess playing jellyfish control the government?

Peek into odd possibilities with Kingmaker Jelly and Other Strange Futures!
16 unusual sci-fi stories.

Available in print and ebook.


Across the Graven Horizon and Other Dark Visions

Settlers in a distant land fear their god has abandoned them. A father learns of a horrifying family debt. An ex-wife courts madness and the butcher’s block waits. A funeral, a resurrection, and a campaign for the dead. Claws on glass, the stretch of skin, and a plague of nightmares.

Take a trip Across the Graven Horizon with twenty tales of creative terror! From the darkest depths to the edge of dream, these dark visions carve out an uneasy dread, story by story, one drop at a time. Will you come along?

In addition to the unsettling tales, the book includes 20 story illustrations!

Available in print and ebook.


Green Door, Red Door, Mean Door, Dead Door

This is a funny horror themed parody of a children’s book and is NOT FOR KIDS!
This comedy-horror book is intended for grown-ups, particularly those with a dark and twisted sense of humor!
Follow the journey of our unfortunate hero as he visits the dubious home of Picklegut Mug and the mysterious doors within! Will he make it out with his life? Who can say? Anyone who’s read it could answer that, I suppose. Have you read it? You should! It’s wicked fun and chock full of entertaining illustrations!
It’s time to open the Green Door, Red Door, Mean Door, Dead Door!

Available in print.


The Stray Halos of Heaven Beyond

Ma’at awakens with broken memories to discover himself naked, wearing nothing but a glowing halo, in a world of swirling fog, sweltering heat, and endless hills of moss.

Heaven? A dream? Or something else?

Together with strange new friends from across time, he sets out to discover answers from the mysterious golden tower of Heaven Beyond.

Available in print or ebook.


Hi, I’m Jude Mire, an author from big ‘ol Chicago who moved to a tiny town by the ocean in Nova Scotia! I love writing horror, science fiction, fantasy, and weird fiction.  I’ve written an awesome super-hero series for Griot Enterprises, have been published in several online magazines, was a two time DeathScribe Radio Play finalist, and ran a live horror reading series called Cult Fiction in a swanky bar. Spooky!

Across genres, my work has an emphasis on exploring the atypical, expanding diversity, and creating relevant visions. If those are ideas you can get behind then, by all means, please become a Patron!