A skylight shattered beneath steel-toed red shoes.

Shards rained on the pavement and richocheted. Peanut shielded his eyes. When he looked back, Banjo was there.

The clown.

from Peanut Gets Red Nosed

Weird Stories

Fawn Summit

New love, a family visit, an old fog shrouded ski-lodge, and something is not quite right at Fawn Summit. A strange tale of what was, what might have been, and what maybe is.

Hi, I'm Jude Mire, an author from big 'ol Chicago who moved to a tiny town by the ocean in Nova Scotia! I love writing horror, science fiction, fantasy, and weird fiction.  I've written an awesome super-hero series for Griot Enterprises, have been published in several online magazines, was a two time DeathScribe Radio Play finalist, and ran a live horror reading series called Cult Fiction in a swanky bar. Spooky!

Across genres, my work has an emphasis on exploring the atypical, expanding diversity, and creating relevant visions. If those are ideas you can get behind then, by all means, please become a patron!

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