Nod was laughing. I was aware that my body was holding a rifle, firing.

The drugs rose up to mix with the agony, five full doses of something wicked and special. The sky grew purple and rippled like a velvet curtain in the wind.

from Vincible

Sci-fi Stories

Aztechnology Beta

In the future, virtual pocket worlds can be risky business. When a friend invites him into a Beta world, Arto has to decide if it’s worth risking his life over.

The Marriage Quarters

A life divided by quarters. Family roles split into pieces. Everything changes on Quarterday. A sci-fi vision of an unsettling future for humanity

The Arrows of Oroya

Humanity has found a new place in an intergalactic war far beyond the scale of their imagination! How do they fit in a conflict that spans the universe?

To the Void

A massive fleet is prepared to wipe out entire populations of planets at Cestriarch Lia’s command. But why?

Green Sky Dogs

The normally peaceful lifeforms of the sweltering planet Corus have become a problem. Can an alien specialist figure out what’s going on before it’s too late?

Hi, I'm Jude Mire, an author from big 'ol Chicago who moved to a tiny town by the ocean in Nova Scotia! I love writing horror, science fiction, fantasy, and weird fiction.  I've written an awesome super-hero series for Griot Enterprises, have been published in several online magazines, was a two time DeathScribe Radio Play finalist, and ran a live horror reading series called Cult Fiction in a swanky bar. Spooky!

Across genres, my work has an emphasis on exploring the atypical, expanding diversity, and creating relevant visions. If those are ideas you can get behind then, by all means, please become a patron!

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