“So, why is she following you? She’s what? Your fairy godmother?”

Allen flushed. “No. She’s my ex.”

Katerina looked up at the woman sitting, legs dangling, on the edge of the rooftop. She shaded her eyes and squinted. The woman was dressed conservatively, wearing clothes that were prudish half a century ago. She was older, at least twice Allen’s age, and not particularly attractive. Her expression of disapproval was evident, even at this distance. Out of her back were a pair of large dragonfly wings. They were light brown, like the lenses of sepia sunglasses.

“Wow. Is she a stalker?”

This wasn’t what he’d been hoping for today. “She’s just, I dunno, fuckin’ weird. Can we just try to ignore her?”

Her gaze came back down to ground level. “We can try. I don’t know if I’ll succeed though.”



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