Christina held her hand up to the sky and checked the position of the stars. It was good. She hoped he wasn’t late. She hadn’t had a big client in weeks and she needed the cash. If he was late, it would be another five days before she could do him again. Rent was due in two.

It was cool out, but not unpleasant. The early morning air had a damp, thick feeling. The forecast said warm today and sunny. That was good. They could stay outdoors. It was easier that way. More options.

The place she’d set to meet wasn’t ideal, but then, it wasn’t her fault. For this to work she needed to connect with him at the right time and place in the universe. Today, that meant a tiny parking lot in an alley behind a discount furniture outlet and resale shop. It could have been worse. At least it wasn’t out in traffic somewhere or in the ‘burbs. There was also no chance of missing each other. She dreaded the day that someone landed on Union Station during rush hour. She’d have to wear a damn pink rhinestone cowboy hat or something equally ridiculous. This morning was easy and when a man rounded the corner, she knew it was him.

She didn’t move to greet him, they had to meet in the correct configuration. He was tall, skinny, and walked with that head-bowed slump that gangly men often carry. His clothes were nice and that pleased her. There shouldn’t be any problem with payment. He stopped and checked his watch. Good boy. They still had two minutes before they could meet.

He spent the delay fidgeting and glancing down the street. When the time had passed he walked over quickly. 

“Hi there. Christina, right?”

She shook his hand. “None other.”


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