Everybody knew that Glen was a perv.

In High School he’d gotten one of those make-your-own button kits. The cheap plastic pin type for putting on jackets or book bags. Glen had cut out close-ups of girls spreading from porn mags and made buttons of them. Not the whole girls. No faces. No context. Just the zoomed in view that a near-sighted gynecologist would have. Right there. On a button.

He’d leave them all around the school in different places, the locker room, cafeteria, library. Places like that. He’d never stick around to see the reaction they created, but he liked to think about it.

He’d described these fantasy discoveries to Peter at length. He believed that the people who found them would be shocked and then, later, aroused. He played out scenarios in his head where teachers would take them from curious students only to keep them for themselves. To enjoy them in private. Most of these fantasy fabrications ended with somebody, somewhere, masturbating somewhere inappropriate.

Peter knew better.

He’d seen the result a couple of times. They wound up in the trash. Quickly. Nobody got turned on by it. Well, nobody other than Glen anyway.

Dirty jokes, innuendo, and a fixation on sex were all part of the Glen package. For two boys in High School, none of that was a deal-breaker for friendship. Peter and Glen had wound up being pretty good buds, despite their divergent interests. 

Peter was, for lack of a better description, a wandering supernaturalist. He flitted from new age spirit guides into the Crowley crowd of bookstore Satanists. Native American shamanism held his attention for a while, until he started dating a Wiccan girl. Then there was a year of ghosts, cryptids, and graveyards. A dash of tarot. A smidge of astrology. Peter was all over the map of weird. Unlike Glen, the ladies took a back seat to his interest in that great big ‘something else’.

As they grew older, passed beyond college, and into adulthood, the pair drifted apart. But not with any animosity. Just that slow separation of two lives taking different courses.

It was a big surprise when Glen called Peter so early.


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