As Joshur got dressed, she was much more afraid than she’d expected.  

Although she had taken on a female identity and normally dressed like a woman, she had different plans today. She was a cendant and her old body was neither male or female. She had long hair and the sags and wrinkles of age, but she lacked breasts or any genitalia at all. She was tall, and thin, and had bright blue eyes. 

She slowly dressed in a full bodysuit that looked like it was made out of copper colored tin foil. The outfit came in pieces and, as form fitting as it was, needed to be put on in segments. It wrapped her head and came with an oval face plate, like a large, sideways, scuba mask. The surface was mirror reflective. She took a deep breath and pulled it on.

She had always been nervous about Quarterday. It was natural. Everyone was. Especially this one, marked by a seventy fifth birthday. But, much like when marriage happened, Joshur had pushed it back in her mind, keeping it relegated to the corners until the time drew closer. As long as it wasn’t in the forefront of her thoughts, it wasn’t so bad. But those feelings didn’t stay buried where they belonged. The fearful things had been released and were busy chewing away at Joshur’s reason.

It was when the occulus drone appeared, almost three months ago, that Joshur began to panic.


A life divided by quarters. Family roles split into pieces. Everything changes on Quarterday. A sci-fi vision of an unsettling future for humanity available on my Patreon.