Carl Tain, the Hound with a Thousand Faces (also commonly known as the Spanner Brigade and the Unerring Arrow) decided that it was time pay her body a visit.

She wasn’t in any rush and took time with the transfer. There was no expectation that she’d be gone long, but one never knew with these things. It had been a few centuries and, relatively speaking, would be much longer. The world could have changed enough to warrant a look around.

She skipped breakfast in place of a hygiene regimen.  Her hair was shaved from her entire body, her nails were trimmed as far back as possible, and she was washed and scoured. She underwent a few internal scans, checking for tumors and abnormalities. Found none. A minty, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, protective cream was massaged into her skin. The whole process was finished by lunch time, at which point she sent a message to the Eyes and went back to bed. The pillow felt strange on her newly bald skull, but not for long.

She fell into the stars. She flickered and drifted, pouncing from light to light. She spun between them at a dizzying speed; an erratic free-fall through the cosmos, careening like a pinball, flipping like a coin.

She enjoyed the sensation very much.

She landed in a reclining chair on Epsillos and opened her eyes. Immediately, she noticed the fluff of hair on her upper lip in her peripheral vision. She reached up and rubbed her beard, inspecting her dark muscular arm as she did.

Time to switch.

He got up from the chair and stretched. As always, there was a set of clothes set out on an end table and a full length mirror. He inspected himself. He was a lot younger, barely out of his teens, and he had the slender frame that came with youth. Despite having a fair beard, his chest was mostly smooth. His hair was large, circular black mane around his head. He hopped up and down a few times, flexing and clenching his hands. It was a good body.

He had it shaved, trimmed, and cleaned the preservation creams off. He dressed, added a dash of cologne, and headed out of the room for a meal on the patio lounge.


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