It’s been a crazy productive month!

October ended with Hal-con where I received a bunch of useful publishing information and a whole whack of new Nova Scotia writer connections. Fantastic! It’s so great to finally be building a friend network of local authors who write similar stuff! I met the dynamic duo of horror/paranormal/romance author Emily Hurricane and sci-fi/horror/romance author Emerald Baynton. I met indie fantasy author Gregory Munroe as well. All their stuff is fun and worth checking out.

I also attended an open mike in Dartmouth. It was put on by the Tufts Cove Writer’s Collective and was held at The Dart Gallery. The space is fantastic and the open mike was really interesting. Now, I’ve been to a lot of open mikes and I gotta say, this one was among the best. Good sized crowd, the gallery had a little bar in the back, and the readings were all over the map. Seriously, I think we hit almost every genre other than crime/mystery. There was lit-fic, horror, poetry, fantasy, smut, sci-fi, memoir, children’s, and even a little bit of singing! So diverse! It was absolutely wonderful. My story was well received, which is always nice. On top of the good readings, I managed to wrangle connections with another pair of local horror authors, Suann and Louise, and a comedy writer, Liam! Even more author friends! So worth the trip. The Collective is planning on doing these shows every other month (hopefully upgrading to monthly at some point) and after a good time like that, you can be sure I’ll be there as often as I can.

As far as work goes, I’ve managed to finish the majority of Novel-log (I’m done calling it a ‘book-bible’) for Witchbough Daughters. I finished chapter 6 and am heading backwards to edit in all my missing scenes and course corrections. The early potion is no longer a never-ending sequence of scenes and has been revised into an official Chapter 1. I’ll continue to roll through the previous material, adding and altering as needed, to catch up to where I am.

I also managed to kick out a short horror story earlier in the month: Hot Dog Man. It’s a strange little thing about a mystical hot dog sucking homeless man. The story is in consideration for volume 3 of a horror anthology series called Don’t Read These Books After Dark. You can find the first two HERE.

It was exactly 3 years ago today that I posted the last new content on my official website. Shortly after that, the advent of the pandemic just rolled a wrecking ball into everyone’s lives. While I’ve been able to maintain my Patreon subscription, the website (which never got a lot of traffic) was one of the first, and easiest, things to drop.

It made sense. I wasn’t selling any product on it anyway and, for the most part, it was simply a funnel leading to the subscription service. But now that I have books, things are different. I really need to make sure the portals to my products are organized in one place.

I’ll be attending the Bridgewater Holiday Artisan’s Market on December 11th and I should really have all my ducks in a row before then. So, it’s time to add a books for sale page and update the last 3 years of content into the site. Fun fun! I’m already on it. Shouldn’t be toooo terrible. I’ll keep you all posted on market times if you wanna come visit my book-slinging butt in person.

I had a lot of fun with last year’s 12 part story I released for free on Patreon over the 12 days of Christmas. I’m debating doing it again. We shall see. Witchbough Daughters takes precedence. I really, REALLY want to finish the draft by March. I need to, if I want to stay on schedule with my book release and production plans. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t maybe sneak in a quick serialized 6,000 word holiday gift for everyone. It all depends on how hard I work and how limber my fingers are.

Lots and lots to do. I should wrap this up. I hope everyone is battened down for the arrival of the cold. Thanks again to all the people who support me and help keep this crazy race running. It’s starting to look like progress and I wouldn’t be where I am without all of you. As always, if you wanna help, pick up a book or hop onto a monthly subscription. Every little bit gets me closer to where I want to be and there’s a hell of a lot of fun stories along the way!


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