This update is jam-packed so I’ll get right to it!

Red Icicles is done! The LAUNCH DAY is set for April 27th!

The ebook is in process of becoming available for preorders this week. I’ll keep you posted where to find it. Also, the Advance Reader Copies are here! If you’re looking to be an Advance Reader you can have an early release, unofficial copy of the ebook for free. The goal of Advance Readers is that they have read the book and they are committed to creating reviews on Launch Day. The download will be available later in the week and anyone interested in getting a copy and leaving a review should shoot me an email at

Onto my schedule!

April 1st: Bridgewater LCLC Easter Market
I’ll be at the Easter Market at the LCLC in Bridgewater on April 1st from 10-4. Even though it’s the first day of the month, I’ll have April’s new Story Card all ready to go! And, perhaps, a few other surprises as well. I’ve got a table right by the library entrance, which is perfect placement and very exciting.

April 6th: DartSpeak
I’ll be at the Dart Gallery in Dartmouth for their monthly live reading series. Event is from 7-9 and they have a lovely venue for hearing amazing fiction. They’ve even got a bar in the back!

April 15th: Nova Scotia Collector Con
I’m excited to be going to my first Collector Con in Sackville on Saturday the 15th. It’s mostly a convention for toy and comic book collectors and I’m hoping to get some fans who’d like to start collecting my books and story cards as well! The event is at the Sackville Legion and runs from 11am – 4pm.

April 22nd: Alderny Landing Market
I’ve been having a great time at the Alderny Landing Market and I’ll be there again on April 22nd, kicking out original story snippets and selling books and cards. Event is from 9am – 1pm. Swing by and visit if you’re in the area.

April 29th and 30th: Geequinox
I’ve got myself a table at Geequinox! It’s a two day convention for geeks, nerds, and all sorts of weirdness enthusiasts! I’m very excited to be going. There’s also going to be other talented authors like Peter Foote and Ali House there as well! Can’t wait for this one. Going to be a blast!

As far as my Patreon goes for April, I’ll be uploading a twisted sort of awful relationship story called Rabbit. A couple who enjoy mountaineering take a winter trip, and things go terribly wrong. Keep an eye out for it mid-month.

That feels like more than enough update for this month’s slogging! As always, thanks so much to my patrons. I’m only here, working this circuit of events, because I have books. I only have books because of their support. This whole wonderful process is built on their foundation. My patrons are amazing!


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