Gah! This month has been nuts! We’re leaping into spring like a horse at a racetrack!

I started off with attending the LCLC Easter market right on day one and I’ll be wrapping up the last two days of the month at Geequinox! Between these shows, I managed to  fit in a Dartspeak reading, my first CollectorCon, an Alderny Market day, and a fiction writer’s meet-up. By the end of the month I’ll have 5 days behind the counter, selling books, story cards, and snippets. I had some folk who were very happy to be getting strange on-the-spot stories this month. It’s always cool to see how excited people are over it.

All this galivanting has happened concurrently to me getting all my ducks in a row for Red Icicles official release. I’ve managed to kill off a whole bunch of typos and errors I missed with the help of some eagle-eyed friends. It never ceases to amaze me how authors can’t really see their own work. Some of those errors… ooof. But, I guess my brain is just throwing what I thought I did back in my face and ignoring the ol’ peepers data collection. Brains are funky. It’s as good as it needs to be to launch, soo…

Launch on Thursday! If you’d like to pick up your copy before then, pre-release sales bump the algorithm like crazy and that would be super helpful. You can find it in a whole bunch of E-book markets >>>HERE<<<.

So, with all this launching and whatnot, am I getting any writing done? Sure, a bit. Not nearly what I’d like though.

I’m slowly plugging away at Witchbough Daughters. Since I’m having such success with selling the collections, my focus has shifted to pushing out my backlog of stories, and Witchbough is taking a hit as a result. It’s not off the stove, but it’s on a back burner, for sure. Considering that I can, with a little over 30k words of new fiction, have two more collections completed, and Witchbough has another 50k before it’s done, it makes financial sense to push the collections to the front. I’m doing a sort of 80/20 split in writing time, to make sure it doesn’t drop off entirely. Slow and steady.

The two collections, both of which should release this year, are Mirror Bones and Other Impossible Tales, and, Fawn Summit and Other Odd Figments.

Mirror Bones will be the first to release and it’s a collection of new-weird fiction. All the stories are a strange blend of sci-fi/fantasy/surreal. It includes stories like The Beachcomber’s Boys and In the Swan Hunter’s Wake. Unreal places without any strong genre boundaries.

Fawn Summit is more of an unreal-reality type of collection. All of the stories are “our world” as a base, but twist into sort of Lynchian, or Twilight Zone, kind of shapes. It’s more dream-like and surreal, and while some of it has fantastic elements, it’s not really fantasy. It doesn’t fit into sci-fi or horror either (although some of the stories are unsettling).

If you’re looking to meet up in person and pick up a book, I’m around in May. The weekly Bridgewater Market has added an indoor space, making them a great (and easy) venue for me to be at. I plan on going a couple time a month. My upcoming schedule is as follows.

April 29th-30th: Geequinox in Halifax
May 13th: Bridgewater Market in Bridgewater
May 20th: Alderny Market in Dartmouth
May 27th: Bridgewater Market in Bridgewater
June 2-4th: Y-Con Gaming and Comic Convention in Yarmouth
June 10th: Bridgewater Market in Bridgewater
June 17th: Alderny Market in Dartmouth
June 24th: Bridgewater Market in Bridgewater

I’ve got more planned/scheduled. Still waiting to hear on Hal-Con this year. Finger’s crossed. I’m super excited for Geequinox this weekend and Y-con to kick off the summer!

Well, that’s what’s what and you now know what’s up! Busy busy! It’s not lost on me that, without a half decade of Patreon support, I wouldn’t have all the stories I’m now putting into collections and taking on the road with me. None of this would have happened without my awesome Patrons. You folk are amazing.

Everybody have a good Spring. Enjoy the warm weather. Get outside already. Maybe bring a book.

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I’m not sure how much that last one helps with marketing, but I know I appreciate it!

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