Now that I finally have books, I feel like it’s a good time to pay attention to Goodreads!

Years and years ago, I had an account there, but I never wound up doing too much with it. Every so often I’d poke my head in and have a look around, read reviews, and look for recommendations. That account was linked to my email and, when that domain name got swiped by a Chinese url hostage app, I lost the ability to access it anymore. The way was shut, for good.

So I’ve created a brand new author’s account and I’m trying again! There’s a lingering Jude W. Mire account around there, but I’m hoping to shoot them an email and get them merged or whatnot. Difficult, since I can no longer verify I’m the old account. It’ll sort or sit there. No matter. I’m moving on.

That said, I’d love to connect with all you wonderful readery folks through Goodreads! Authors too, if you’re on there, let me know so I can follow you! I’ve uploaded all my books for rating/reviewing and have linked this blog from my website. I figure I do enough ramble-posting on my FB author page that it’s time I start blogging this whole crazy ‘how to be an author’ thing. As it turns out, writing is a lot easier than the business that goes with being a writer these days. Lots of twists and turns and I figure I’ll share my trip through the labyrinth.

So, expect to see more blog posts here on my website and tossed out into the world. Starting with Goodreads! You can find there by searching my name, book titles, or I’m pretty sure this handy link right here works:

Hope to see you there!