After a long lifetime of wishing and hoping and looking for the perfect one, I’ve finally ordered myself a typewriter! The very one in the picture! She’s getting a final physical before she arrives sometime next week.

She’s a Smith Corona, built in 1954. Stirling series.

There’s an excellent company in Lunenberg that restores and sells old typewriters, and this one is just perfect for me. Although, I don’t plan on using it to write most of the time. My ergonomic keyboard is much, much better for my hands. Besides, then I’d just have to type everything twice to get it into my computer.

No, the plan here is for live events at markets and conventions. I’m going to be offering on-the-spot mini-fiction, typed right before your eyes! One of a kind!

I’m hoping to build a sort of steampunk contraption above the typewriter where people can turn dials and flip switches that light up to select different story options. Pick your genre! Sad or happy? Exciting or chill? Wholesome or saucy? Want a specific word or a name included? Use the tiny chalkboard. I’ll make it work! For a couple of toonies, I’ll quickly crank out 3-5 sentences of whatever someone prefers.

I will be vending at Alderny Market in Dartmouth every month this year. Still waiting on exact date confirmations though. I’ll keep everyone posted as soon as I know so you can come out and meet this beautiful thing!