I’ll be headed out to the Alderny Landing Farmer’s Market in Dartmouth again on Saturday, March 18th. The last time I had to contend with a windy blizzard on the drive in. This time, it looks like I won’t have to risk life and limb to bring strange fiction to Nova Scotia!

I’ve decided that, since I’m attending the market once a month, I’ll have a new Story Card available each month! They’re a great gift idea and they’re very popular. So, here’s the teaser image for the upcoming March Story Card: Gossamer Draw!

Candace Jane and her husband move to a house in the mountains where they discover that they’re not alone in the woods. It’s an eerie little story with odd fantasy elements. There are no spooks or specters in it, but it feels very much like a traditional ghost story. Not too scary, but spooky.

That’s it for March, but I start out April with a bang. I’ll be at a market right on April 1st. No foolin’! Stay tuned for my upcoming monthly Slogging the Mire for details on all my April appearances. And if you’re in Dartmouth on Saturday, come on down and be the first one to pick up Gossamer Draw!

See you there!