Crags of stone scratched every horizon. No plants. No water. No life. A sea of rubble. A great earthen scar.

She was down there, somewhere.

It made things difficult.

Byndai Kestrel crouched and weighed his options. The food had run out days ago, but he knew how to handle that. He’d learned a long time ago the right spells to trade rest for sustenance. The fatigue would build, and it wasn’t a permanent solution, but for now, it filled his belly. No, his main issue now was time and tracking. While the lack of sleep helped with his speed by lending more hours of wakefulness, he was running out of easy ways to find her. The ground left no evident clues, despite his skill as a hunter. It was bare, impressionless, rock. He had the means of making it give up its secrets, but every time he did so, it wasted time spent in pursuit and tired him out just a little bit more. But he had no choice.


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