The ebb and flow of the Flutter rolled around Binnies skin like an invisible hand stroking her. Its movements were random, sliding wherever it wanted, sometimes even dipping into her body, so she could feel her insides. She focused on it, trying to keep up with the wild goose chase of pleasure the drug was running on her nerve endings. Her whole body had a slight shaky sensation, but where the Flutter ran, it was more intense depending on location. Some places, like her shins, skull, or elbows, were merely pleasant. Other, more sensitive areas, were an altogether different experience. She was like a gambler, all her senses focused on the shifting slide, waiting for it to move to just the right places and hit the jackpot. The longer it took to happen, the more excited and focused she got. It was coming, soon. Hopefully, more than once.

Today though, things were a little different. Although Wadd had scored big, and they’d taken a dose that should have been enough to keep them tucked in their little blanket nest all day long, something kept distracting her. A thumping sound. A noise like somebody dropping something heavy on the floor, over and over. Lots of somebodies. She tried to push it away, keep up with the Flutter, and bury her consciousness in the experience of her body. It was working, kind of, until she felt movement in the floor to go with the sound.

She wasn’t dreaming. She felt it. Something was here for real.


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