“You gotta check out this pocket, bro. It’s insane. Here’s the app.”

The link reached out. A hand looking for a shake.

Arto didn’t grab it. 

He was ninety that Misha wasn’t a bot or bait, but ninety isn’t everything. He scanned the hand, copied it, and dropped it into a query. Not much came back. That, in and of itself, could mean something. The pocket world might be too new for review. But it also might be so hot nobody got out to prop a warning. What he did find talked about sensory upgrades, intuitive body expansions, and a crazy setting.

It looked like they gave you wings for flight and there was some kinda tropical theme. There weren’t dicks and boobs splashed all over the promo stuff and they weren’t playing up their erotic capabilities. That was a plus. Arto wasn’t looking for skull-smut. That was the quickest way to get your core crunched. He had his trusted sources and wasn’t interested in anything new.

So no red flags. No green flags either though. It looked like it came down to trust.

“You been in yet?” He asked.

“Oh yeah. It’s dope. I’ve never seen anything like it.” 


In the future, virtual pocket worlds can be risky business. When a friend invites him into a Beta world, Arto has to decide if it’s worth risking his life over. Get a glimpse into the Aztechnology Beta for yourself when you sign up!