Tanna was standing by the window, looking out over the ocean, when Merrick entered. 

“It’s so green.” She said.

“Copper chloride. You don’t get that?”

“High iron. It’s crap brown.”

“This looks okay, but it gives you nosebleeds if you’re out in it too much.”

“We don’t have that.”

He took a seat at the long conference table. “That’s something.”

His finger fiddled with the projection stud in the table, but he didn’t press it. There wasn’t any rush.

“We know you didn’t crash on accident.”

“Of course.”

“Whenever you want to explain yourself, I’m all ears.” She turned to face him.

Her body mods were striking. Her hair was black with silver streaks, pulled tight into a pony tail, and there was a tiny additional eyeball, with lids and makeup, on each of her temples. Delicate circuitry ran from inside her ears down to her neck. She was tall, with a thin waist, and had an extra pair of arms folded along the bottom of her rib cage, beneath her breasts. Her hips were attention grabbingly broad and her dress showed off her knees, which had no caps and were bi-folding. She walked on delicate bone heel spurs.


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